about : ”imagine” is a project developed by a group of architects that are focused on the creation of virtual scenarios (3D images and video).

The virtual image is increasing it’s importance in the competitive market. The creation of virtual images as realistic simulations facilitates the understanding of a particular environment or object enabling it’s promotion! “imagine” acts as a support for the creation of virtual images of those environments. You imagine! We create!


“imagine” strives to assist a number of different companies in the field of architecture, creating simulated environments acting as a central tool in architectural competition or in current real estate market; Imagine a environment (inside / outside)! We create a realistic and appealing virtual image according to your vision!

Furniture / Decoration

“imagine” strives to assist a number of different companies in the furniture and decoration field (offices, living rooms, kitchens, bedrooms, chairs, sofas, lighting, etc) by creating virtual simulations of furniture and testing furniture designed specifically for certain spaces. We reproduce realistic scenarios by inserting the object you want to promote! Imagine some piece of furniture! We create a virtual image and test their integration in any environment!